There is nothing I like more then to spend the morning engaging with young people. The sport of Kitesurfing is such an incredible tool that can be used in many ways to stimulate the students minds. In this case I was asked to explain how anything is possible with perseverance and belief. Schools are often covering different topics through each term and it's for me to choose the best angle to deliver the message. During an Assembly I focused on how it's possible to do something that you love doing at School, when you grow up and become and adult. 

My career was very much influenced by my involvement in Sports whilst I was at School, but I'm very careful to explain that all sorts of passions are great - drawing, music and an interest in computers for example. The children were incredibly well behaved so afterwards a selected group came with me to understand how a kite can be set up. What a great day and thanks for such a warm welcome The Mill Primary :)