Noe Font : Photo - Svetlana Romantsova

The Freestyle discipline finished in an incredible finale today in Tarifa/Spain. 30 knots of wind blew offshore at the famous Baneario spot. In the quarter finals the 2014 World Champion Christophe Tack faced Carlos Mario. Mario who is looking evermore comfortable in these conditions, took the win to advance. Tack shows great variety during his heats, throwing moves like the Moby Dick but Mario was on one today. Aaron Hadlow then faced Eudazio Da Silva. What seemed a nightmare start from Hadlow (inverting his kite on the first move) turned into an incredible piece of decision making. After recovering from the invert his lines were still a mess but the decision to carry on like this (landing 2 moves in the process) proved to be a great one. Whilst Da Silva applied the pressure landing some moves of his own, Hadlow chose to fix the line tangle, unleashing and performing the Paul Daniels on a fully lit 8m Kite. He went on to take the win. The 3rd quarter final saw Youri Zoon take on Marc Jacobs. Youri wasn't at his best here in Tarifa but in previous heats he showed the ability to turn it on when needed. In this quarter final it wasn't to be as Jacobs went about his business in a calm consistent manner advancing in a close heat to the Semi's. The last quarter final saw Wildcard Noe Font take on current leader Liam Whaley. Font sent shockwaves through the World by knocking out some big names during his main event debut. With a 5th place already guaranteed Font's dream was ended by Whaley who ripped it once more. Font has shown he can more then handle himself amongst the big names, losing this heat by only 3 points.

Semi final number 1 saw Mario face Hadlow. In one of the highest scores of the day Mario was unstoppable, unleashing 3 doubles in difficult conditions earning a spot in the final.

Semi final number 2 was an interesting affair. Whaley and Jacobs seemed pretty close when a devastating deflate mid heat forced Whaley to change down to a 5.5m kite. A controversial crashed trick decision (double heart attack) may of cost the world champion hopeful a place in the final but it has to be said Jacobs showed up here in Tarifa. The Kiwi rider kited well in his preferred stronger wind conditions.

Carlos Mario showed no nerves in the final against Jacobs even when forced to change kite. He landed his usual repertoire to take the win from Jacobs. Results from the B final saw Whaley in 3rd and Hadlow 4th.

Mario has been due a win since his last event victory in Argentina (2013). The young Brazilian deserved it today and this result has shown maturity in his riding. Always smiling and seeming to enjoy every moment on tour, Carlos Mario encapsulates everything good about kitesurfing and this win shows he very much has what it takes to be the best.