During my stay in Canada I was able to organise a really special clinic for the Kitesurfing community of Squamish. In fact, I would say it was an industry first! All 7 participants were kitted out with a WOO Sports device so I could analyse their progress as the day went on. 

To add even more interactivity I used the BB Talkin Headset in a very special way. Before we all hit the water, the participants lined up on the edge of the spit whilst I performed a half hour demo speaking to them live, wirelessly over the PA system. It is an absolutely incredible way to provide realtime coaching tips, hands free loud and clear.

We all had a great time and I'm confident I got people to push themselves harder. I'd like to thank Denham and the Squamish Wind Sports Society for helping me to organise this. I love working with new communities and seeing how people around the world embrace kitesurfing in their on way. The set up in Squamish is simply superb, see you next year!