I love this place! Just north of Vancouver lies Squamish. A really nice little town where everyone seems active. After I visited last year I was ready to come straight back for the 2016 Kite Clash Canadian Championships. I spent the week prior to the event getting used to the conditions again and figuring out my best set up. The wind ended up absolutely perfect and at some points was hitting 30 knots. I took the 11m North Rebel on the water and was boosting huge! 

In the end I had to settle for 3rd place but I was told it was close. I'm always happy to be on the podium and when I think about all thats happened in the space of a year it's a good result. The team behind the event promoted the event really well and I picked up some great coverage. Radio interviews with Mountain FM, interviews with CBC Vancouver and a front cover and article in the Squamish Chief